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“Art is everywhere, except it has
to pass through a creative mind.”

— Louise Nevelson

I’m still not sure where my interest in grids started or came from. Some might even call it an obsession. I do know that they came early: crayon-colored jigsaw animals, math assignments in colored pencil, etc. Perhaps it was the rows and rows of shelves with same-sized boxes of inventory from my father’s business or the end-of-summer push to put out thousands of his catalogs, labeling envelopes, stuffing each with a catalog, piling and machine stringing handfuls of the same zip code, and stacking them evenly on carts before going to the downtown Cleveland P.O. Add in some handfuls of Mondrian and Nevelson art, and well, that might explain some of it.

This page is not really about my artwork. It’s merely a compendium of grid types, uses, and descriptions.

Eventually, I will update the sections below with text and/or images as appropriate.

Grid board game
Grid board games
Dictionary definition of grid
Other words for grids
Hardware cloth
black-and-white globe
Grid of all colors

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